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Daily Booth: Tutty Fruity

My mom takes over the homeschooling thing when it comes to art.

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Thirty One

My nose is still pretty much stuffed, my ears plugged and chills have been running through my body for every thirty seconds or so. I was down and out with a temperature a couple of days back and had called in sick, but last night we had gone to the mall to get some ice-cream and that was about the time the bug returned, except that this time it made it clear to me that it will be way more hardcore.

So let's make this a quickie.

I turned a year older last weekend. As with most birthdays, I actually hate getting old. I feel the pang of growing older because it forces me to examine what I have accomplished and sadly, what I have not done. Time is moving in a swift, but then I paused and flicked through photos of past memories and well, I have to admit that my life is indeed rich and full, and I am very thankful to be surrounded by loved ones.

We took a day off from work and hopped over to Sentosa island.

We took a ride on the cable car...

...visited the Underwater World...

...and pretty much just chilled before making our way back home at close to ten.

We also celebrated my grandma's 71st birthday with the maternal family over dinner of satay and honey-grilled chicken wings in the smokey atmosphere of the outdoors.

I love how birthdays are constant reminders of not only where we came from, but where we are headed. There is so much to do. So little time.

And I'd gladly take all the simple things over big ones anytime.

It looks like all plans for this long weekend have been shelved. I have a hacking cough to be rid off and a nose to be unclogged, hopefully by tonight. Here's hoping for a better tomorrow. Have a good one!

Daily Booth: Sweet Tooth

I got a little surprise at the office today.
Bless my colleagues for being so sweet and making my day.

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Of Purple Dinosaurs And Hippo Cruises

Our computer at home has been busted for a couple of weeks now so that explains the sporadic update of posts in here. One day, the whole system figured that it cannot take in anymore inputs and just decided to shut itself down. Instead of being able to stay up after putting our girl to bed to process images and log in weekly entries, I now find myself turning in to bed just a little after ten and sleep like a baby throughout the night. Or who am I to kid? I bet all the parents in the world jolly well know a baby's sleep is typically full of interruptions so that idiom obviously doesn't make any sense at all.

I actually sleep more like a log covered in thick moss, is what I am trying to say.

So last weekend, Barney came to town. Prior to that, I had asked baby girl to take her pick between Disney On Ice and Barney's Musical Castle.

"Barney, mommie! Barney, Barney, BARNEY!"

I should have known better than to ask. All in all, Barney and friends put on such an awesome performance that even Hubba and I had a good time singing and clapping along with the rest of the kids.

We spent the rest of the weekend sending our best friends off at the airport, after which baby girl staged a dramatic meltdown to desperately get into this kids play area that is filled with colourful balloons. And bless her daddy for sneaking her in without the need to fork out some eighteen bucks.

Sometimes, when you ran out of stuff to do and you are unable to escape to another country for a little getaway, you could just pretend to be tourists and cruise down Singapore River on a boat ride.

So that's pretty much it. I am just about to leave the office in a minute. We really need to get that computer at home fixed. Have another snappy weekend!

Daily Booth: Page Sixty-Something

Definitely not a fan of being at the office on Saturdays.
Thank goodness I have a book and camera to fiddle with.

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