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Lost In Hong Kong

Now, we all know of how Hong Kong is pretty notorious for its vast jungle of concrete, fumes, and cement. Yes, it is a vertical city. Yes, there are like twelve gazillion high-rises. Yes, most people live in apartments. Yes, there definitely is pollution. And yes, the city's infrastructure is growing as fast as the foam-flakes drift on the river banks. Or possibly even faster than that.

The point is, despite all that, Hong Kong can also be a lot of fun.

Hong Kong Day 1

We had a full day tour as soon as we got off our plane and one of the first places the guide brought us to was the sun-drenched Repulse Bay Beach, which is primarily an upmarket residential area with a relaxed resort-like atmosphere. We didn't get a lot of time, he probably gave us like fifteen minutes so we managed to take a short sandy stroll along the crescent-shaped stretch of sand, got ourselves immersed in the beauty and peace of the horizon as we stood alongside our girl, at the same time watching the beach being lapped up by calm waves.

The green trash bin did a great job doubling up as tripod stand.

By late afternoon, the guide took us to Stanley Market, which has an interesting array of little shops selling silk garments, sportswear, art, Chinese costume jewelery and souvenirs. It is also where we got a sweet pair of hot pink Reeboks for baby girl at a really good deal.

We visited Victoria Peak at dusk and this is where you can get another one of those postcard scenery. The air is cool and the view breathtaking, especially at the right spot and in good weather at night when all the lights have been lit up.

We checked ourselves into Panorama Hotel after descending from The Peak and ordered a takeout dinner full of grease at a kebab stall which is just down the street.

Hong Kong Day 2

I didn't get up early for breakfast because we all had a late night and were pretty much exhausted from the flight and city tour, and by the time I'd washed up, gotten dressed and headed up the lift for conference, leaving my two babies behind and notably still unconscious in bed, I realised I was already running pretty late. That's when serious work stuff kicked in until it was about time for lunch.

We had a lot of free time from then on so we made our way to the Cultural Centre and booked tickets to get aboard the Star Ferry for a tour of Victoria Harbour. It is where stunning buildings and landmarks on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon adorn both sides of the busy harbour, and where ferries, junks, yachts and tankers ply the waters.

We had dinner at a local Chinese restaurant where Aalia was happy to have steamed rice before heading off to Mong Kok for a little bit of night shopping.

Hong Kong Day 3

We had been anticipating for this day since touchdown so after our lunch of pepperoni pizza and a good hour nap to follow right after, we roped in my favourite colleague and the four of us booked ourselves a 40-minutes' drive to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Although this is not as large as the ones in the United States, I have to say, it is still quite an attraction.

We visited Main Street USA where is has shops for us to get our souvenirs, Fantasyland where it had that Mickey's 3D show and where we went for "It's a Small World" boat ride twice because baby girl had to doze off just as we were about to get on the first round. It is also where you can have your picture taken with the Disney characters if you're lucky enough to get in a line that doesn't look too crazy. Tomorrowland has the rides that ride-lovers will not want to miss, like Space Mountain and that Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride where Aalia went bonkers having a time of her life and the crew was cool enough to let her have a seat of her own.

We gave Adventureland a miss because by then it was getting dark and everyone's starting to pick out spots to watch the fireworks on display. And really, where else can you expect to see fireworks every night other than Disneyland?

Hong Kong Day 4

We stayed in bed a little longer, roamed the streets, checked out nearby shopping malls, did some last-minute buys and hung out at a cafe before heading for the airport by late afternoon.

We had a blast, and work trips are sweeter when I have my babies along with me. Gotta be thankful for parents to be out of town that same weekend and was unable to babysit, ha!

Also tried out a new form of post-processing on PS with this batch of frames which involves a lot of autos and short-cuts, resulting in pictures that didn't look too swell but it sure gets the job done in no time. Lovin' it and I'm most likely sticking to this.

Weekend's a-comin'. Have a good one.